About us

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• Opened in January 2016.We are a professional co-working space aiming to provide students, startups, freelancers and community initiatives with a suitable environment to study and work efficiently.We have meeting rooms, sessions halls, open co-working spaces and VIP area.

High-speed internet connection, air conditioning and data show equipment are essentials.

Daily and monthly deals are available, besides long term rentals and we are ready to host small stores with various indoor selling spots.


5 Almesaha Square, Left Gate, 3rd floor

0237605821 – 0237605826 – 01028888405

Garden City

10 Dr Handusa St. (Medical Lab Building), 5th floor, In front of New Qasr Eleiny Hospital
01090051665  – 0227929771 – 0227929774 – 0227929775